Discover Europe with AEGEE

Some call it Europe,
We call it home!

Europe is as gigantic as it is diverse.

From Barcelona to Bresht, from Vaals to Vladivostok.
There is so much to discover. Read on to find out!

Cultural differences between west and east have always been huge, but since the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of the online generation, these differences are gradually becoming smaller.

“The people are very distant and everything is old and broken”

Participant’s assumption before visiting eastern Europe.

The east of Europe is all yours to discover. It used to be scary, but that’s a relic of the past. Many stereotypes you’ll hear or see aren’t always true, and often your own experience is the best way to find out!

AEGEE has members in many eastern European countries and cities, and they are amongst the warmest people of the network.

lalala yeet yeet yolo hier een stukje over zon zee strand dikke fissa

joejoe en deze is voor een leuk balkanland

Feeling really adventurous? Imagine yourself with 20-30 others from all over Europe taking the train all over the biggest country on the planet. Together you cover 9288 kilometers of the longest railway in the world.

The trans siberian journey makes you dream and realize those dreams. Crossing Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok, changing time zones several times while moving from Europe to Asia.

You will never be the same person after you’ve followed your Trans Siberian Dream.

Organizers of the Trans Siberian Dream Summer Univeristy